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Download: Singin Scotland, led by Christine Kydd or read below


Luminate@Home: Singin Scotland – song lyrics and accompaniment tracks

We have launched an online programme of creative activities called Luminate@Home.

There are lots of older people at home or in care homes right now who are isolated because of the coronavirus outbreak. We hope you will enjoy trying the activities in the films at this difficult time, and also afterwards when the outbreak is over.

The activities are designed to be done at home or in a care home. They are led by professional artists, and feature different artforms including crafts, poetry, music and dance.

You will find all the short films on Luminate’s website, Luminate’s facebook page and on our YouTube and Vimeo channels. Once we have uploaded them, we will leave them online for you to enjoy when it is convenient.

On Friday 19th June, we released a film of Scottish singer and folklorist Christine Kydd taking you through songs celebrating the Scottish glens of Prosen, Clova, Isla and Shee. You can watch the film on the Films page of this website. The songs are accessible for all ages and abilities, so you can enjoy learning it together with your household or online with family and friends. 

As an accompaniment to this film, we’ve provided the song lyrics with a glossary which you can download by clicking on the download button at the top of this page. You can also read the lyrics below. There are accompaniment tracks which you can listen to and sing along with once you’ve learned the song. This is available below and on our Vimeo or YouTube channels.

Luminate@Home is supported by Baillie Gifford and presented in partnership with Scottish Care. The films are co-produced by Graeme Roger.

Sunday on the Minister’s Walk (Tune: The Drunken Sailor) – piano accompaniment track
Bonnie Glenshee – guitar accompaniment track

Sunday on the Minister’s Walk (Tune: The Drunken Sailor) 

Tune: Traditional.  

Words: Written by members of ‘Kirrie’s Singin’, facilitated and arranged by Christine Kydd Kirrie’s Singin is hosted by Kirrie Connections  

Song Lyrics


Sunday on the Minister’s walk   

Sunday on the Minister’s walk   

Sunday on the Minister’s walk  frae  Prosen to Glen Clova  

Verse 1 

Aff  tae  see the congregation   

Aa the glens folk they are waitin  

Bring  yer  offerin  for the plate in  Prosen  an  Glen Clova  

Verse 2 


aa – all  

aff – off  

dinna – don’t  

gid – good  

lang – long  

nae – no  

mair – more  

congregration – people meeting in church  

heather – plant-Calluna   

Lang  lang  trek across the heather  

In the blasted Scottish weather  

Seven and a half mile o  gid  shoe leather,  Prosen  tae  Glen Clova  

Verse 3  

Nae  mair  the minister or the drovers  

But hikers and walkers  oot  wi  Rover  

Dinna get lost as  yer  crossin  over  Prosen  tae  Glen Clova 

Bonnie Glenshee 


Song Lyrics

Verse 1 

O  dae  ye see yon high hills aa covered with  snaw    

They  hae  pairted  mony’s  a true love and they’ll soon  pairt  us  twa  


Busk  busk, bonnie lassie, and come  awa  wi  me    

An I’ll  tak  ye  tae  Glenisla, near bonnie  Glenshee    

Verse 2 

Dae  ye see yon shepherds as they  walk  alang,    

Wi their  plaidies  rowed  aboot  the m an  their sheep, they graze on  

Verse 3 

Dae  ye see yon soldiers as they  mairch  alang,    

Wi  their muskets  ower  their shoulders and their broadswords hanging  doon    


yon – yonder 

aa – all 

snaw – snow 

pairt / pairted – part / parted 

mony’s – many’s  

twa – two   

busk – get ready 

awa – away 

wi – with  

tak – take 

tae – to  

dae – do 

alang – along  

plaidies – plaid (a rectangular length of twilled woollen cloth) 

rowed – rolled 

aboot – about  

mairch – march  

ower – over  

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